Saturday, August 25, 2007

What if a tree came crashing down on your finances?

Last night here I am working on my blog and I notice the sky turning green, sweet it's going to be a great summer storm! Wind starts whipping, lighting, thunder and pouring buckets of rain. Boom the power goes out no problem it will be back on in a couple of minutes right. Wrong 1 hour past and still no power.

At this point I thinking a transform must of blew, or a tree must have came down on a powerline. Well I was right about the tree, I decided to look out my side window and I notice a large branch from my tree in the backyard hovering 10 feet up in the air, oh no this is not good at all! So I head outside to further investigate. Upon inspection there's my tree branch hovering thanks to landing right on my neighbors hydro line.

The police show up shortly thereafter I inform them that I was trying to get a hold of the hydro company, they state that they have already contacted them. I'm left in the dark complaplating whether is this considered an act of god or will I be charged to handle the repairs on my neighbors home as the tree branch bent their hydro stack? 4 hours later the power comes back on. And I'm still left wondering how much will this cost me.

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