Monday, August 27, 2007

What does it take to be the next millionaire?

I was watching the Millionaire Inside on CNBC tonight and some of the comments from the panel really got me thinking. The panel biggest thing tonight was surround yourself around successful people. I question that thinking I do know personally a couple of millionaires, many middle class. My thoughts is I have something to gain from everyone. Sure I love picking the minds of the millionaires and learning what it took for them to be successful.

But at the same time I can relate much more and push that much harder not to end up like some of our middle class friends. Just do to the fact there so busy trying to keep up with the Joneses that their running themselves further into debt. I want to be financially free not debt ridden with alot of nice things. And when I do purchase something it needs to make sense, I need to see value and the opportunity for the item to make money.

For an example I would love to pick up a laptop right now reason being is between my wife and kids it's getting more and more difficult to gain access to our desktop. I want to be able to devote more of my free time to working on this blog, why I'm not going to lie. One to focus myself, two there is the opportunity to earn income from the advertisements although I do not pay to post, but I do contain ads in order to help us achieve our goal to become debt free and financially independent.

If were constantly chasing the Joneses were not getting any further ahead just further behind. I truly believe it's more of a mind state, since I was young I knew at some point in my life I would be a millionaire today at 32 that hasn't changed I still know I will make it. Some might say your a daydreamer but I honestly know deep inside it will happen and I focus to ensure it will.

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