Saturday, February 16, 2008

Life is full of Choices

Well let's just say it's been crazy since the last time I wrote almost 4 months ago. With the new job the holidays and my personal life everything was just basically thrown against the wall to see what would stick. Current situation not much different from before, still in debt but more than happy to report I have been out of the cash advance places for almost 3 months now, it feels like I'm making an opening statement at a DA meeting lol and as far as I know there's no such thing as DA meetings.

Me and the wife have reignited our passion with each other and promised to work and support each other after I faultered and began an affair with an ex from my H.S days, there's a reason you shouldn't talk with your ex's. The new job is going excellent and there has even been hints dropped as to a possible promotion in the future and I'm currently working on developing a company of my own with full support from my wife which is great as she see's true potential in this opportunity.

The nice thing about this opportunity is that it's a low cost set up with potential if I play my cards correctly and use my contact in business to be successful. And if your wondering, no it's not a mlm or anything along that lines it's something I'm setting up on my own. It's beginning to look like 2008 will be a great year for this working Canadian family as long as we stay focused. First start paying more attention to this blog.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

So here's the deal. We've had some bumps in the road but the statistics are not in our favor as most divorce's are caused by money issues no surprise to anyone reading this as it's common knowledge. We're trying to work through things and this week has been good for the most part until Saturday when she wanted to pull some money out of the account to find insufficent funds.

Here we go again the car payment came out and I was working with the company on Tuesday trying to change the date till my payday and ran into some problems as I've already changed the date once. I forgot that they had yet approved the change and forgot to delay the payment so it came out on Friday leaving us $1.30 in the account.

Naturally it lead to another fight and everything came out on the table once again with exception to me leaving her although I have to admit I was tempted to pack my bags while she was at work, but I also had to work that morning and she called me later at work and everything was fine at that point. So I left it at just that and the rest of the weekend has been fine.

I'm not sure where this blog has turned from personal finance to relationship plus personal finance but when I created this blog I said it was about the good plus the bad and I guess that includes the ugly as well.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Personal and Money Troubles

Wow it's been almost a month since my last post and alot has happened in that time. Almost left my wife and had several money woes that caused friction between us and a family member. It all started with the $1200 loan from a family member that I accumulated a $1000 of it and it quickly became $0 as I previous wrote about in Definitely not a good start to the Morning.

Basically the family member came to collect about 2 weeks ago and I had the displeasure of telling them unfortunately I don't have it. Talk about feeling about 2 inches tall. They were in need of having this money to handle some situations of their own which I was aware of when I borrowed the money and promised that I would have it back to them in time. There is not any feeling worse than hurting a family member that helped you out in your time of need and you can't hold up to your end of the deal.

When my wife got home that day, the family member laid into her. My wife looked devastated the same way I was feeling and my family member told her that we need to get our money situation under control and need to start working as a team and that they wash their hands of our money issues that there will be no more help. I finally felt like my wife understood, that is until my family member left the house. And my wife went back to business as usual which completely infuriated me that she didn't seem to care that we basically screwed over a family member that has helped us out so much in the past.

Over the next two weeks I was extremely cold to my wife as well as threw out many comments about her spending. It all came to a boiling point Saturday night I can't remember how it started but it basically came down to I'm done and I'm leaving in the morning with a garbage bag filled with my clothes and she can have everything else. Needless to say it was a very heated discussion that went on till 2 in the morning we agreed to keep trying and work as a team on the money issue. This is the last chance if it doesn't happen next time I will just leave without notice as I can't continue to live this way nor do I want to put my children through it.