Friday, August 24, 2007

Do you let your wife go shopping alone?

What in the world was I thinking? Let my wife go back to school shopping alone in the States! You can read about our plans for Back to School Shopping and how we planned on saving money. Low and behold my wife comes home last night starts showing me everything, this was $3 or this was $7.

My only concern and question to her was did you bring back any money with you? To which she replied yes, so now I'm estatic thinking she brought $200 U.S. with her and she even managed to bring home money with her. Later that night I hear her talking to her sister and I hear the amount of $290, $290 where did that figure come from did you take $290 with you? At that point she makes sure to tell her sister thanks now he knows and tells me how she brought back $80 with her. Ok did you get everything the kids need, um no I still have alot more shopping to do.

So let's see were down $210 U.S. probably in the range of $225 Canadian and you have more shopping to do, we have your cousins wedding this Saturday which you want to give a $100 too. And yet were still behind on some of our bills great! Now I know some of you out there are going hey $225 on back to school shopping for 3 kids isn't bad at all, it is when you consider most of the clothing that was purchased was summer wear aren't you suppose to be buy fall clothing?

Not to meantion they really didn't need that many clothes in the first place, and she should have discussed with me prior to how much she was taking with her instead of being sneaky. Hope she can keep the rest of the spending under $75 as that's what we budgeted for.

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