Wednesday, August 15, 2007

How Were Going To Achieve Our Goals

Day 3 and so far you've seen our Old Goals that were written several years ago that were forgotten about as well as our New Goals for the Future which we will follow right here on this blog. Now I know people are saying wait you have old goals which you didn't follow through on and forgot about, how do you plan on attacking your new goals and improve your personal finances. Quite simply I've come up with a plan of attack, here are the tools I'll put into place to ensure that we follow through with these goals:

1) Creation of this blog creates accountability to ourselves, everything is out in the open for all to see. In other words I'm calling myself out and knowing that if I get off the beaten track that the readers will have a field day calling me out on why am I not saving for this or your spending to much money on that. Much like the social money networking sites. I'm hoping that you guys will help us stay on track on eliminating debt and putting our money to work for ourselves.

2) As many of you are already aware I'm already part of the community at which is a great site at tracking your net worth but for budgeting I'm going to join the community at either or which were two of the sites I talked about in my Talking Money over the Net post awhile back about social money networking. As this will hold us even more accountable, as well as the ability to use others experiences to hold us much more in line with our goals. I'll let you know which one of these sites I join in a future posting as I haven't yet decided.

3) Finding other ways of bringing extra money into the house. This one is tougher due to the fact that I am on salary I don't get the opportunity to work more hours in order to bring in more income. So we have two choices either live below our means or bringing in extra money, preferably I would rather bring in extra money as Christmas is on the horizon and I want to attack these debts rather aggressively. So I'll look at opportunities such as Ebay, Craigslist and a second job.

So there we have it the ways that I plan on attacking our debts and hopefully at the same time improve our personal finances and do some investing in our future.

Part 1 Old Goals
Part 2 New Goals for the Future


Knight said...

Hi, I'm Jason Knight CEO of Wesabe. First, congratulations on deciding to get control over your money.

I had a quick look at your goals and interestingly they map pretty closely to the most popular goals on our site. Paying off debt and saving an emergency fund are our members top priority.

I hope you will try out our service and connect with the thousands of people who share your goals and are actively working on achieving them.

If you have any questions about Wesabe please don't hesitate to contact me between 12-4pm PST 800.511.8544

Riggings said...

Now that's what I call customer service, I think I've made my choice as to which site I'll be using for my budgeting.

Quite impressed for being a newer blog that you were able to find my post listing your website.

It truly shows how much you care about your site to do the research to find out what others are saying about it.

Ryan Williams said...

Certainly doesn't hurt to use more than one. I look forward to seeing how each service helps you meet your goals and what the pros and cons of each are.

Riggings said...

Thank you Ryan, I believe that the combination of the two will be the most successful for myself. Wesabe will help me keep our spending in check while NetWorthIQ will keep us focused on the investment of building our future.