Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wesabe It Is!

As I spoke about before I planned on joining a social money network budgeting site by either or to compliment my account. Now I should note at this time I do not currently pay 2 post if your not familiar with it, it basically means I'll write post to endorse a certain company for X amount of dollars. You can check my bank account if you wish I'm broke :)! After posting today's earlier post How Were Going To Achieve Our Goals post I received a comment from the Jason Knight CEO of of the following:

Knight said...
Hi, I'm Jason Knight CEO of Wesabe. First, congratulations on deciding to get control over your money.

I had a quick look at your goals and interestingly they map pretty closely to the most popular goals on our site. Paying off debt and saving an emergency fund are our members top priority.

I hope you will try out our service and connect with the thousands of people who share your goals and are actively working on achieving them.

If you have any questions about Wesabe please don't hesitate to contact me between 12-4pm PST 800.511.8544

Due to this I feel no other reason not to join as I believe it shows how much he stands behind his site and the customer service that comes with it. In this day and age of the internet I think we've lost this personal touch so when someone comes out like Jason Knight has it only makes me sure that I've made the right choice and can only support his site that much more. Tomorrow after work I will finish setting up my account and you'll be able to find me under workingcanuck on and thank you Jason for helping me make up my mind.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see Wesabe has worked out well for you so far. I've been skeptical about the service. Looking forward to a reading a full review on it.


Riggings said...

Actually I just signed up last night still need to get through the rest tonight, but I will definitly post a review on the site as well as here in the short future.