Sunday, August 12, 2007

Old Goals

It's funny today I picked up an older book I had by The Motley Fool flipping through I came across some old notes that I recorded in the pages. Including old goals I written for myself some accomplished some not. They are as follows:

1) New Home by the end of 2007 (I must have picked up the book a couple of months prior to purchasing my home as I purchased my home in 2002)

2) Getting Out of Debt by the end of 2007 (Still a work in progress)

3) Wedding by Sept. 2004 (We live common-law does that count lol? We have to finance our wedding ourselves and even though were planning to keep it under $10,000 luckily my I already call her my wife is very understanding and agree's that other things need to be taken care of first)

4) New Car by the end of 2004 (By new car I didn't actual mean new car I would never desire to own a brand new car, but I did pick up my truck in 2004)

5) Start a Business by the end of 2010 (Actually I did start a business back 2 years ago that I decided I wasn't going to quit my job prior to my own business being successful. Unfortuntly between the time and money commetments it wasn't in the cards at that time and only lasted just under a year I will give it another shot though sometime in the future)

So that's the five goals I had written down approx. 5-6 years ago I think that for tomorrows post I will follow this up with New Goals that I will set for myself.

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