Friday, August 10, 2007

Back to School Shopping

It's that time again, time for back to school shopping get ready to pull out those wallets and purses and watch your money go bye bye. They say that the average back to school shopping cost approx. $300 per child in my case that's $900! That's just a little less then my family spends at Christmas time there is no way I'm spending $900 on back to school. Here's how I plan to save on those expenses this year, first of all I'm lucky that I work in retail, in my own store I can save thanks to my employee discount 40% off of shoes and clothing. Considering I'm going to need to purchase 6 pairs of shoes at an average cost of $40 that's a savings of $96 dollars, clothing luckily their closets are pretty well stocked so there wont be much spent in that area. Maybe a couple pairs of jeans.

My mother lives in the States so I've asked her to pick up the school supplies over there then I'll reimburse her. The saving on school supplies in the States is insane so far she's brought over two full bags of pencils, markers and binders at a total cost of $15 it helps through that she has a incredible knack at finding items on sale. As far as backpacks go luckily my daughter is old enough that she'll take one from my store, but the boys on the other hand both want the novelty backpacks so will hit Wal-Mart for those at a decent price. Hopefully we can keep it below $300 for all the kids to get ready for back to school. Man how the summer flew by!

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