Friday, August 17, 2007

Second Job?

So earlier this week I applied for a second job as a server in a local restarant in our area to help bump up our money situation as spoken about in How Were Going To Achieve Our Goals item #3 was to bring in more money.

Reason being for applying for a server position was quite simple actually as I have previous experience although going back almost 10 years, cash money at the end of the day and even though the hourly wage is terrible if your good at it and have a good day in tips you can pull in a fair amount of cash in a short time. Personally I would rather serve tables as a second job then say working as a cashier only earning a straight hourly wage.

Granted I haven't heard anything back as of yet it's tough to find a second job when your current job is a management position it seems like no one wants to hire you, they either think your over quailfied or think that your after their job. As for right now though after getting the call back for my new job I think I'm going to put the search for a second job on hold for a little bit till I become more comfortable in my current role. If the restarant that I applied too does call back great but right now I'm not going to concern myself if they don't.

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