Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Job

So if you've been following my blog at all you would have read about the trials and tribulations of being interviewed for a new job. It all started when I was turned down due to my credit then follow that up with the second interview but after that I was still left wondering as the DM said he would let me know last Thursday or Friday. On Monday I still didn't recieve word so I gave him a call and got his voice mail, later Monday night still no call back things are not looking good at this point.

Then mid-afternoon of Tuesday my voice mail receives a call from the DM stating that they have been backlogged and will be making a decision by Wednesday mid-afternoon. Come Wednesday later afternoon my wife calls no call, within 15 minutes later calls back with important information pertain to the DM has called and wanted me to call back. Finally I'm thinking, I give the call back and the offer is placed on the table after some negotiating early this morning my wife receives a call from their head office that the offer is in my email. Glad to report that after all this I will be moving on to a new job much closer to home.

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