Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nothing better than completing your goals!

So I have an exciting update to our short term goals that I listed in the post titled New goals for future. Our short term goals at that point in time was:

1) Set up an emergency savings account by the end of August 07' with direct withdraw.
2) Pay off a personal loan in the amount of $1200 by October 07'
3) Get out of paycheck advances by October 07'
4) Pay off another personal loan in the amount of $3060 by August 08'
5) Pay back money that was withdrawn from children's account of $1000 by December 08'

As far as #1 on this list goes I'm still waiting for ING to cash the check to link my accounts together, but it should be completed by the end of the month. Goal completed.

2) I have $1000 of the $1200 in hand and will complete the transaction with the remaining $200 within the next two weeks. Goal completed.

3) This will be completed as of this Friday I will be finally free and clear from all paycheck advance establishments.

Now you might be asking how did you pull this off so quickly did you rob a bank? No changing jobs became a blessing in disguise not only from the savings of my time of travel each day to and from work and wear and tear on my truck.

My past employer released me earlier then my resignation letter was for, yet will pay me out till the date of notice. Bonus as I called my new employer and they had me start yesterday, job is going great by the way. So I'll overlap my paychecks by one week. Second I pulled my deferred profit sharing from my old employer which between the extra week of pay and my DPS gave me a great jump start ahead in our finances.

Now coming into extra money wasn't exactly the way I planned to achieve these goals but hey I'll take it anyway I can, as it's 3 goals down with 2 to go from current. And as I stated when I wrote the post New goals for future I will replace these 3 completed goals with 3 new financial goals tomorrow, so stay tuned as more is to come.

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