Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mortgage Brokers

As a homeowner I personally found the easiest way to access financing was through use of a mortgage broker as opposed to dealing with the banks. Here’s the simply reason why you walk into your bank to qualify for a mortgage that bank will either approve you or deny you based on their own qualifications. Your allowed when shopping for a mortgage 15 days on your credit report that each inquiring on your report will only count on one due to the fact with such a big purchase naturally you want to shop around for the best deal. So then the question comes back as to why go to your bank and basically only use the power of one, not to mention how do you know your getting the best deal?

Using a mortgage broker such as LendingMax has access to over 80 different lenders including all of the Big 5 banks. So your guaranteeing yourself one the best rate without having to run to several different banks yourself saving you time and also money as a broker is paid by the lender not you, unless your mortgage is more difficult to obtain due to credit rating, self employed or looking for a 0% down mortgage but even then there still might not be a fee charged. Do yourself a favor if your interested in getting a mortgage just head over to LendingMax they have a instant mortgage approval right on their website just fill out the form and within a couple of minutes you’ll know if you qualify and if so for how much. That’s the way we did it we used a broker and have never looked back.

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