Friday, July 13, 2007

Gas Prices

Pre warning major rant here! Gas prices keep going up I remember just 5 years ago when it jumped to 70 cents a liter and I was complaining to put it nicely but now, come on over a $1.05 a liter! I was watching the Calgary channel last night and they were up to $1.15 per liter and were warned that it’s probably going to be the lowest you’ll see in that area this summer. At what point will our government actually step in and say enough with these Oil Companies complaining about oh my poor refinery or it’s the storm season, we blew a line we can’t produce enough for the supply and yet are claiming astronomical profits. Maybe it’s time that the big executives of the oil companies take a pay cut to reduce their prices that way they’ll still make their profit margins and the consumers will be a hell of a lot happier. At this rate I’m willing to take a pay cut to find another job closer to home because what’s going to be the price next year $1.60 a liter!!! A great place to check the price of gasoline is through the website

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