Saturday, September 1, 2007

Showing love in terms of the internet.

I decided to go through my blog and make some changes, some to increase the speed of the page and others for the looks of the site. The main thing I decided to change through was getting rid of the Blog Roll It, nothing against Blog Roll It personally but I decided it was time to implement a more personal list.

What I decided upon was doing a manual add list which is on your left hand side listed as WCF's Top Rated. In this space we call the internet there are some people out there that are willing to help another newer site become successful. Or just actually care to read the content that people write, either way those that are listed on my left hand side have done nothing but shown me love in a number of ways.

Either they have genuinely helped bring traffic, commented on stories or lended a helping hand to our little space on the internet. Help us show the love back by visiting these sites, as the sites that are listed have genuine people behind them helping to make ourselves and the internet a better place.

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