Saturday, September 8, 2007

Mint is it refreshing?

Ok let's face the fact I need a software like! We need to get our financial and family life's back together. Is it cool and refreshing like a mint always is?

I've been trying to get a hold of the early beta realease from for awhile now with no success then I notice SavingExplained is running a contest to win one of 5 invites into the refreshing world that is

Now my post isn't unique or filled with images or creative images and video's to get one attention. It's strickly a post of need. Reading the information from the page I believe this would be nothing but a handy tool in our adventure to reduce debt and improve our finances.


MoneyDiet said...

I just received an invite for the Beta of
You can read what I think of it in my review of at: Review

Good luck with your personal finances. If I get the possibility to give away invites I will let you know.


dong said...

I thought you couldn't blog about Mint if you were on the beta....

Anyhow, I suggest that you give Yodlee a shot. It's similar to Mint in terms of consolidation. I've been using it for years an have been extremely happy with it.

Riggings said...

Hi dong,

I haven't heard of Yodlee, but I'll definitely check it out thanks for the tip.