Friday, August 31, 2007

Making money on the internet

Seeing how I'm trying to make some extra cash to help reduce our debt faster, I joined a program called CashCrate. Last night alone I earned $6.30 for about an hours worth of work.

Basically how it works is they have a list of advertisers mostly surveys companies that will pay you so much for joining up anywhere from .40 cents up to some offering $35 dollars to join a trial membership. The higher dollar ones due require a credit card but I still plan on joining them. And your under no obligations to remain with them after the trial period but you do still receive the payout.

I've done some research on CashCrate and found quite a bit of their community averages several hundred dollars per month from the site. So I figured it's worth a go, they also offer a referral program where you get paid 20% of what your direct referrals make and 10% of what their referrals make. So of course my links to CashCrate is my referral links so please if your going to join be kind and help us out by joining direct under my link.

Now of course use another email program when signing up you will receive quite a bit of junk mail, I personally made up another gmail account just for this purpose. For more detailed information on CashCrate here's a outside link to My Debt Free Goal with a Must Read Insider CashCrate Information.

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briguy said...

Hey there..great review! One advantage to being a Canadian and making money at Cashcrate, is that the cheques (checks) are in American funds! So the exchange rate is BONUS money!