Monday, July 23, 2007

Money School

What is it with schools both elementary and high school, that they don’t yet have a class about money management? It’s been a issue spoken about many times over the years but at which point will the schools decide to implement a course dealing with personal finance? The reason I’m bring up this subject is we had a yard sale and told our 11 year old daughter that whatever she earned from her items she could keep the money. She managed over $80 during the weekend and while at Grandma’s they headed over to Wal-Mart and she buys a digital camera. Nice purchase but seriously why does a 11 year old needs a digital camera? I’ve been trying to convince her for years to save her money trying different games like I’ll match what you keep but to no avail, I would hate to see her end up like myself and her mother struggling to make ends meat. I’m more than open to suggestions what have you tried with your children and the outcome.

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